BCrown-Premium-Rush-CollectionFAB will like to introduce you to this talented Nigerian bespoke design label – Bcrown‘s Spring/Summer 2014 collection titled “Premium Rush“. The label, created by Bamidele Adebanjo, focuses on tailored men and womenswear and has created this collection with men and women who value style and looking their best always in mind.

See the rest of the collection below and let us know what you think:

BCrown-Premium-Rush-Collection1 BCrown-Premium-Rush-Collection2 BCrown-Premium-Rush-Collection3 BCrown-Premium-Rush-Collection4 BCrown-Premium-Rush-Collection5 BCrown-Premium-Rush-Collection6 BCrown-Premium-Rush-Collection7 BCrown-Premium-Rush-Collection8 BCrown-Premium-Rush-Collection9 BCrown-Premium-Rush-Collection10 BCrown-Premium-Rush-Collection11 BCrown-Premium-Rush-Collection12 BCrown-Premium-Rush-Collection13

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