You just know that anything Solange Knowles has her hand in has to be magnificent. Add Nigerian owned brand William Okpo and you get spectacular – that is exactly what the new Puma collection is.

It is no news that Solange became a creative director at Puma towards the end of last year 2013 and she also asked her friends and fellow creative geniuses the Okpo sisters to work on the new collection with her through their William Okpo brand (named after their father). We have been anticipating and counting down and the collection has finally been revealed.

Featuring four bold and vibrant styles designed by NYC artists, the lookbook itself sees creative concept & art direction from Solange Knowles and photography by Alan Ferguson. Adorned in plush tones and graced by the presence of a few lovely ladies, the lookbook perfectly accents each sneaker through tones, location, props and apparel.
Solange posted the lookbook on her Tumblr page and it instantly drew everyone’s attention. The William Okpo Instagram account sent out a message to the singe-songwriter “Hey @saintrecords , you know that time you called me saying you had green paint all over you and you were so exhausted from working on a shoot for an entire week you left out the part where you tell me it was for this amazing Girls of Blaze Collection. This is lovely! #pumastyle Solange, Alan , Armina, New Orleans , great work! #williamokpo #pumastyle”

What do you think of the collection?
Watch A Behind-The-Scenes footage below:

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