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N’kya Designs is presenting their collection title ‘Ohemaa’. The
collection was showcased during London Fashion Week in February 2013
at an event organised by Fashions Finest and at the 2013 edition of
FashionMist held in London in June. The collection will also be
showcased at the upcoming Congo Fashion Week in September in

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‘Ohemaa’ means ‘Queen’ in the Ghanaian Language Twi. The
collection is strongly influenced by the ‘Obaa’ collection and is
inspired by the qualities of a woman. The collection is a reflection of
the N’kya woman and the qualities she exudes. The collection hails
every N’kya woman as an ‘Ohemaa’ As royalty you require nothing
but the best and this is shown in our use of luxurious colours and also
in the use of Kente cloth which is an indication of royalty as its seen
as the ‘cloth of kings’.

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This collection will appeal to women that are all about the N’kya
S’s…Sassines, Sexiness and Style!

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