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FAB Lookbook: Nigerian Fashion Brand, Trish O Couture Unveils “Femme Fatale” Collection

Nigerian fashion brand Trish O Couture owned by Patricia Onumonu has unveiled its latest collection tagged “Femme Fatale”. The collection showcases interesting pieces and it seems the focus of this collection is on the embroidery which is quite exquisite.

The Spring/Summer 2014 “Femme Fatale” collection is described, by the brand, as a collection that “evokes the charming and seductive side of femininity, it plays on the soft and endearing components on womanhood.” The collection features feminine, romantic and classic elements.

Femme-Fatale -Trish-O-Couture-FAB-Magazine (1) Femme-Fatale -Trish-O-Couture-FAB-Magazine (2) Femme-Fatale -Trish-O-Couture-FAB-Magazine (3) Femme-Fatale -Trish-O-Couture-FAB-Magazine (4) Femme-Fatale -Trish-O-Couture-FAB-Magazine (5) The designer pays tribute to the women by using soft and feminine fabrics like lace and satin; and colours yellow signifying fertility, blue signifying dignity and black signifying strength. We love the collection and can already picture a few Nigerian female celebrities in some pieces.

Femme-Fatale -Trish-O-Couture-FAB-Magazine (6) Femme-Fatale -Trish-O-Couture-FAB-Magazine (7) Femme-Fatale -Trish-O-Couture-FAB-Magazine (8) Femme-Fatale -Trish-O-Couture-FAB-Magazine (9)

Photoshoot Credit:
Set Direction/Styling- Rhoda Ebun
Photography- MoussaMoussa


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