“The early bird catches the worm”, Poqua Poqu a versatile Ghanaian fashion designer outdoor her collection of clutches for 2014.

Inspired by the Oyster, Adodi brings a precious look to the modern clutch. The name Adodi meaning oyster in Ewe, a West African language, was chosen in honour of the fascinating way the oyster makes a pearl; turning obstacles and challenges into a hidden jewel of unique beauty. The Adodi clutches are meticulously shaped to emulate the resilient frame and character of the oyster. Woven with carefully selected Ghanaian prints and assembled with fine Italian leather, the Adodi clutch is a combination of tradition and originality. It is beautiful and enduring.

poqua poqua4 poqua5 poqua6Of course, the Oyster would be incomplete without its most precious possession, the Pearl. The Adodi clutches are embellished with pearls and rhinestones in exciting shapes and colors, giving a classy finish to an already ostentatious creation.

poqua1 poqua3 poqua7poqua2Most importantly, it would be a great accent of color and style to your attire. A classic case of beauty meets functionality.

Locate Poqua Poqu in Osu Farico Mall


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