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FAB Lookbook: Adebayo Lawal shows you how to rock this season’s best in ‘Orange Culture’

How do we know it’s going to be a beautiful day? Oh, yes, you guessed right! Because Orange Culture is here to bring that refreshing feeling of fashion’s ecstasy from bright colors to fabulous numbers, thorough approach and unusual cuts. Though created in December 2011, these collections remain amongst the ever fresh dreams of fashion.

Adebayo Lawal at the L’espace wine tasting and art viewing event, September 2012

Creative director and Owner of the unconventional fashion brand, Adebayo Oke-Lawal, very well known as Adebayo Lawal gives these 2 ready-to-wear Capsule Collections: Elusive strength and Summer’s quirk. It’s a beautiful balance because there’s something for the girls and the guys are not left out too!

I love that Adebayo uses a more rugged approach for the gents, infusing attitude into rugged, eventually presenting the collection as cool.

The designs are exquisite stand-out pieces with each possessing its own individual twist. “Every collection tells a story – either about what’s happening in my life or what I’ve experienced or I’m inspired by”, the Designer would affirm. He spoke on both collections and we know you already love them!

Elusive Strength

“The elusive strength collection was created for the FAB Night Out in
conjunction with Vlisco. The collection speaks about a misunderstood type of feminine
strength, a strength empowered by a woman’s sexuality”.

“The ‘Elusive Strength’ Collection celebrates the woman who understands and owns her beauty and the power that it possesses, that’s why the pieces are sexy, strong, but still very feminine”.

“The fabrics include Vlisco, leather, lace and chiffon”.

Photographed by Benjamina (@vanitychaser)
Model : Kachi
Styled by BUBAAI
Summer’s Quirk

“This Collection was created for the Beth model search organized by Martini. The fabrics include chiffon, cotton, Ankara, cuordroy, chinos and the likes“.

“The collection is inspired by a very easy and colorful summer and it’s definitely for the fun loving guy who’s full of life”.

“He definitely is a guy with a colorful disposition, rocking pieces suited to different fashionable summer experiences”.

Photogaphed by Akinlolu Osinbajo
Model : Riccardo for 3line group and co.
Styled by BUBAAI


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2 Responses to FAB Lookbook: Adebayo Lawal shows you how to rock this season’s best in ‘Orange Culture’

  1. ola says:

    Really lame post, this collection is too late to be posted in 2012.
    Also a very boring approach to writing.

  2. Bebe says:

    I usually don’t comment on posts or write-ups (whatever you guys call it) like I’m doing now but I’m moved to. I must say Ola that you are being biased and judgmental by your (own) approach. I see nothing wrong with her write-up. Besides, did you read the word, ‘Refreshing’ on the page? It means and brings something your lame way of thinking probably can’t absorb. Styles are re-invented everyday. Well, you wouldn’t know that, would you?
    People like you do worse IF given the chance and are the reason most people have lost their dreams. I refuse to give in to pessimists like you (no apologies).
    And I must commend Mrs. or Miss Iykon. I love the way you write. I actually have been following your write-ups and I love them but can you please do more posts like the one you did on… what’s that again?… ’10 things a girl needs to feel alive’. It was fantastic!!!!!!!! Continue in the good work and give no particular attention to haters for they are the stones by which you TRAMPLE on to get to the top. You go girl! Am a fan!!!!!!!

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