Lespace1Retail outlet, L’Espace has released images for it’s 2013 look book collection, which includes well known Nigerian design brands such as Virgos Lounge, Alali Boutique, Obsidian, Clan and a host of others. The images also show L’Espace’s quality in high fashion, sophistication and current updates with the trends in fashion. The collection shows trends such as bold prints, pastels, metallics, vintage style purses and so on. The photographs were by Toyosi Faridah Kekere-Ekun and styling by The Blowdry Bar in L’Espace and House of Tara. Check out more photos from the collection below

Lespace2 Lespace3 Lespace4 Lespace5 Lespace6 Lespace7 Lespace8 Lespace9 Lespace10 Lespace11 Lespace12 Lespace13


Find them on twitter @L_EspaceByLPM

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