mom12  I remember the 1998 movie ‘Parent trap’, starring Dennis Quaid, Natasha Richardson and the adorable and innocent Lindsay Lohan ,who played the role of the Adventurous smart Twins ‘Annie James and Hallie Parker’.


An endearing mother moment scene was when Hallie (who had her mother believing she was Annie), arrived in London , taking a tour around her mother’s bedroom ,giving all her attention to the dressing mirror section as she analyzed her mother’s perfumes, make up, pictures and elegance sparkly jewelries.

Every mother is a role model to her daughter (actually, SHOULD BE a role model to their daughters, either as little girls or young women). According to Dr.mom1 Joan Luby, who is a Psychiatrist at Washington University school of medicine in St. Louis; the nurturing children receive from their mothers’ leads to a larger hippocampus, which is an area of the brain responsible for handling stress and building memory.




One of the coolest things or behavior any mother can develop is knowing her daughter in and out, also trying to build the right conversations, take wise decisions and most importantly giving reasonable advises. Most mothers should learn to create a close atmosphere bonding with their daughters, like the 2012 movie ‘LOL’ starring Miley mom412Cyrus and Demi Moore. The relationship between Lola William [Miley] and her mother, Anne [Demi] is fun, fresh and real. The bond is energetic, which is how every mother and daughter should be. Mothers should be easy talking buddies and attentive listeners also. Being a mother, it’s a powerful and responsible quality, especially when all your daughter’s friends can sit and listen to your advices, which gives your daughter a form of highly respectful duties to you. Learning from the family-oriented Nigeria youth drama ‘I need to know’ starring Nollywood Actress, Funke Akindele, playing young Bisi who has an intelligent mom played by Caroline King. The counsel given by the character to her daughter and her daughter’s friends were in line in building a strong path in shaping the future of young ladies to

Caroline king

Caroline king

success, as she dished them curious answers to their battling questions about relationship, sex, AIDS, academy success, personal hygiene and so on, letting us know that mothers who are cool, calm, and collective can get more insight about their daughters 24 hours activities.




There is nothing as good as being your daughter’s best friend. Watching Michelle Pfeiffer in the 2007 movie ‘I could never be your woman’ is an excellent play through of a mother and daughter relationship mom41(played with Saoirse Ronan) being best friends and standing up for one another at all times, no matter how young you are or how OLD you look; you two will always make an unbeatable fun team.



try go mother and daughter shopping, bake a cake or cook a meal as you both share recipes, cuddle under the sheets as she reads a book for you (doesn’t matter if you are 30 and above). Sing to her and dance as her grand kids watches you both share love (…getting daddy all jealous)…or better more; gist on the phone for hours having delicious girly gossip with a lot of laughter to go along.


Do this every day of your lives and celebrate her being and your best friend.


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  1. Michelle Spice

    So Anu Bialose, you are telling me that Afrikan women and their daughters don’t have great and fabulous relationships?

    This is exactly what you are emplying when you can only show caucasian women and can’t show Afrikan women both young and old together displaying such relationships!


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