Words To Avoid To Stay Positive

No one wants to be negative, and no one wants negative people around them. In fact one of the main ways be successful, is to surround yourself with positive people. It’s part of the whole, if you think it you can do it movement, and along with the people that you surround yourself with, are the words that are being put in your mind. What we say is extremely, so here are a few words to avoid to stay positive.

#1 I Can’t
Like my grandpa used to say, “can’t never could do anything”. These words are pretty much your worst enemy, when you’re trying to stay positive. Nothing can bring your spirit down faster, than if someone says you can’t do that. They are even more powerful, if you say them yourself. Try it right now, just tell yourself. I can’t finish this article, did your mood change a little, feel a little more depressed. Now try focusing on something that you want to accomplish, and tell yourself you can.

#2. I Won’t
There’s another phrase that wreaks havoc on your success, it’s the words I won’t. If you keep telling yourself, I won’t write that next article, or I won’t go that little extra mile, then guess what you eventually really won’t be able to do anything. Never say that you won’t do something, that’s usually when you’re asked to do it.

#3. No
Sometimes this word can come in handy, Like saying no to that extra commitment, or saying no to something that will hinder you. But right now, I’m talking about the negative side of no. Don’t ever tell yourself yourself no, then you aren’t smart enough, or aren’t good enough, that you don’t believe that you will be able to do, whatever you set out to do. If we start saying yes, instead of no, think about what we could get accomplish.

#4. Any negative things, anyone else would say
If you have a friend that keeps telling you, the negative things about the plan, or the business, or any of the things you want to do, why are you still listening to them. Talk to them and let them know, that you can’t listen to them talk that way anymore, and that you were going forward, and not looking back.

Well those are the words, that I believe you have to avoid, in order to stay positive.

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