The launch of Totally Ethnik, a fashion brand with chic clothing designs and accessories for women, ranging from Casual Attire, Corporate Dress to Evening Gowns.
The event will be held on the 17th October, at 7 pm, at the African Regent Hotel in Airport Residential Area, Accra, Ghana.
The event is prepared in the intention to get to know TE’s customers better, establish a contact and interaction between Totally Ethnik and potential future customers, register in the mind of the crowd that Totally Ethnik is from that point on the “go-to brand” for women seeking to graciously blend modernity, Africanism and sophistication.
The outfits will be presented to guests in the form of a runway show. Also, a short fashion film depicting the inspiration behind the Vida Collection will be showcased. Keeping in the spirit of the “totally ethnik cultural experience,” a modern African artist will perform and guests will be privy to a quiz at the end of the show, allowing them to leave with prizes from the Totally Ethnik team!
Invited guests will have the opportunity to browse through the outfits, worn by the models and mannequins, positioned around the venue.
You can email TE at or .

Mobile: +233 543 543 174
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