First Serve is a 2-part collective of young rap stars Deen Witter and Jacob ‘Pop Life’ Barrow – friends since kids, these guys grew up in Queens, New York with dreams to make it big in the world of Hip Hop. Since the 90s and signing to record label Goon Town, the two have put together an album – also titled First Serve – mixed of Hip Hop, Funk and Disco, to tell of their wayward journey to the top.

Dip a shell toe into their story and you’ll find Deen is an unusual character with a drinking problem and soft spot for his mum, while Jacob is a larger-than-life show off with a penchant for the ladies and living the high life. Play the album, and inbetween the chapters of their tale (breaking up, making up, drink, drugs and lady troubles) you’ll find hilarious skits and raucous rhymes from the pair: aural-tainment at its best. You can also expect everything to be set in an illustrated reality – a world where people exist alongside cartoons.

But that’s not all; on the album, you’ll certainly hear the familiar voices of legendary rap group De La Soul, as actually, posing as the new group are Pos (also known to De La fans as Plug 1) and Dave (Plug 2) – two of the three that launched “The Magic Number” and “Me, Myself and I” into permanently popular playlists in the 80s.

Before it all gets a little confusing, just know that Pos (a.k.a Plug 1) is Jacob ‘Pop Life’ Barrow, and Dave (Plug 2) is Deen Witter – got it? And while we are on the subject of game-changing name-changers, amazing french producers Chokolate and Khalid sign their sanity away too, becoming 2&4 for the project; a fitting indication that the album is something you need to jump into in order to get your head around.

Showing up as their up-and-coming alter-egos Jacob, Deen, 2 and 4, De La Soul’s Pos and Dave, and Chokolate and Khalid sat down with FAB to talk about the album (out April 2) – what we can expect in terms of sound, story and what’s next. With the group’s colourful personalities captured on camera, make sure before you check out the album, you enjoy FAB’s chat with First Serve… Neither are to be missed. – hear First Serve’s Goon Time Mixtape


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