Iyanya and Yvonne Nelson

Iyanya is noted for his explicit lyrics and sensual dance moves in his videos. The bad boy behaviour of the talented artist seems to be earning him a lot of attention from the ladies while Yvonne Nelson considers him as a heart breaker.


Yvonne Nelson

“We dated for  between  seven to eight  months. We had something and I thought it was special, like he was a wonderful guy but it was all lies. He had other girls and other things he was doing. Aside the actress that was in the picture, there were a lot more. That is how bad it is…We were in a relationship and he lied throughout and he was able to do all those things because I wasn’t living in Nigeria. But aside from the distance, I feel if you’re a genuine person and you’re loyal, you would still not do that. I feel it’s disrespectful to start mentioning other people’s names…I am talking about Iyanya because we had a thing, I don’t want to bring in a third person. There were a lot of names that people know. There was a girl from South Africa, I’m not going to mention names but she was part of Big Brother Africa last year. ” Yvonne revealed.



The brief relationship between Iyanya and Yvonne ended on a very bad note and the  ‘kukere’ singer could care less about the actresses’ claims. Iyanya revealed in a chat with icampusng that he doesnt have a problem starring in a movie with Yvonne Nelson, “I am doing business. I am not here for celebration or family ties. If you want me to do a movie with anybody, pay me and I will do it” He responded.

Would you be comfortable with Yvonne Nelson on a movie Set?

I have never been with her on a movie set so I don’t know how comfortable I will be.

But you don’t have a problem being in a movie with her?

I don’t have any problem. I am doing business. I am not here for celebration or family ties. If you want me to do a movie with anybody, pay me and I will do it.

Some have instigated that the reason Yvonne isn’t so comfortable with being with you in a movie is because Elvis Chuks might have you both do a sex scene.

That’s bullsh-t. Just pay me. If you want me to do a movie or act anything with anybody, pay me.

Act anything? Okay, you would do a sex scene with Yvonne Nelson.

I didn’t say that oh. It’s you that said it oh. I said pay me. Later I go see am for twitter that Iyanya said he will do a sex scene with Yvonne Nelson then the girl go come dey talk nonsense on top Twitter. Abeg oh!

Do you consider yourself a sex god?

[Laughs] No I’m not a sex god. I’m just a Gee.

Some critics have talked about your repetitive use of explicit lyrics in your songs…

The people like it like that. Leave them, they like my song the way it is. They will say this boy is talking too many bad things but they like it…

Would you call that ‘realness’?

I’m a real guy. I just live. I say what’s on my mind. Sometimes it’s wrong, sometimes its right accept me like that, don’t judge me.

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Iyanya ‘Sexy Mama’ ft Wizkid’

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