Actor Prince David Osei has said the roles given to him by most film producers have somewhat created a bad boy image for his personality.

“People perceive me as a bad boy probably because of the roles I play in movies,” he told Fashion 101 host Sandra Ankobiah.



Osei, who was a special guest on last weekend’s episode said contrary to how most people think of him, he is a cool, down to earth guy, who can’t even hurt a fly.

Asked why he has a thing for shades (or sunglasses), the stout-looking actor said “even in church I wear sunglasses. I wear them at night too. I see people but they don’t see me”.

dave 1

Prince David Osei: “People perceive me as a bad boy”

… “A lot of ladies carry Louis Vuitton but most are replicas”

“The sunglasses I’m wearing now (referring to the one he wore on set) is called Cazal. It was first endorsed by Jay Z and it costs 800 quid (800 pounds)”.

Asked which designer label he would gladly spend money on, Osei said: “I prefer shopping from places like Zara, H&M, Macy’s etc. The most expensive fashion item I have ever bought is my tuxedo. I bought it from Zara”.

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“You see some people carrying designer stuff but most are replicas. A lot of ladies carry Louis Vuitton but most are replicas. It’s good to go for a brand that you can afford the original instead of an imitation”.

Osei also said his father is a fashion designer, whose label FAME, is doing pretty well.

“I am saying this for the first time on TV; my dad is a designer, FAME designs”.

Last weekend’s discussion segment centered on The African Print, and how it is gradually becoming an option most people would go for in choosing what to wear.

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Fashion 101 returns on Africa Magic Entertainment on Thursday, 5pm and on GHOne on Sunday 3pm (with a repeat on Monday 8pm).

It is produced for television by Reverb GH and Emerald Paradise Productions.

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  1. Michelle Spice

    Prince David, you sound like a trivial person and you are a trivial person! I don’t care about most women handbags, they wear what they can afford! Unlike you who’ve probably never worked a day in your life, it takes money to buy these gadgets and accessories! You should be encouraging our Afrikan bands of these accessories that we seem obsessed to buy from everyone but ourselves!

    Speak about real things that are affecting your/our nation, our continent and communities right across the world today. Examine ways of how we can work to make these issues better for all AFRIKANS!!! All hands on deck….


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