All through last week, I must have come across this interview, whilst watching my favourite news channel CNN, at least 5 times and watched it twice and at both times I was inspired by the story of this couple who have seen major challenges and survived whilst building a credible media business in faraway Canada.

The couple Patricia and Moses May are the power couple behind Silvertrust Media – a communications company based in Canada. They have been married for over 10 years and have three children. Patricia, who is Nigerian, worked in the media industry for a while before she moved to Canada. It was in Canada that she met Ugandan Moses Mawa. Together, they have worked over the years to build their company, Silvertrust Media.

Silvertrust publishes Planet Africa – which focuses on African culture and current affairs; Diversity – which is part of the harmony project and publishes the Diversity Magazine, one of the most widely distributed magazines in Canada; and Destiny – which profiles Christian content.

The couple also run their own television show.

Watch interview below and be encouraged by this couple who lived in their car and slept on the office floor till they broke through.


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