Two weeks ago we brought you the news of a charity initiative we partnered with as FAB Magazine – Path to Possibilities’ Race for Change. Not content with just putting on any old charity race, P2P are now bringing a brand new twist to the game – African swagger.

You haven’t really been to a party until you’ve been to an African party – who does glamour, bling and entourage better than we? From fashion to food to entertainment we know how to roll. And it’s infectious – our fashion houses are going global, Afro beats are played in the best clubs in the world and even our cuisine is enjoying a renaissance.

With this outpour of interest in all things African, Path to Possibilities (P2P), has decided to inject a bit of African swagger into their upcoming charity event; Race for Change; a 5K & 10K charity run or walk at Trent Park, North London, on Saturday 30th June 2012.

The aim? To sponsor the education of talented but underprivileged children by paying for their entire secondary school education and building libraries for poorly resourced schools as well as share best teaching practise.

“We believe that education beats poverty and we want everyone who believes in Nigeria’s future to sign up and show London that we are part of the change” explained Titilola Bello, founder of the charity.

So come dressed in Ankara pieces or funny costumes of your choice. The best costume to cross the finish line will win a price!

The charity has gained the amazing support of comedian Eddie Kadi, the producer behind the award winning sitcom Meet the Adebanjos, Phoenix Media who are currently promoting WizKid in London and a partnership with FAB Magazine.

Poverty is not an accident. Like slavery & apartheid, it is man-made & can be removed by the actions of human beings” – Nelson Mandela


Path to Possibilities needs YOU! Sign up for the race & newsletters by visiting the website or by emailing and say “I want to educate a child” and the registration will be done for you.


Facebook: Path to Possibilities

Twitter: P2P_Nigeria




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