Admit it… You’re feeling lethargic and lazy! After all it is Friday afternoon, the clock creeping  towards 5pm – that time of the week where you are whiling away the last few hours at the office either killing tine on the internet or planning the weekend ahead. And it is an extended weekend thanks to Her Majesty here in the UK.

So as you can imagine, running a 5k (or 10k for the brave) is the last thing on your mind. As I still contemplate how I will drag my increasingly expanding backside back to the inside of a gym which I have not been to in over a month, there is really nothing I needed to read more than this list – 20 reasons to race for change with Path to Possibilities.

1. Path to Possibilities is a charity that transforms talented children’s’ lives with education. #RaceforChange

 2. Path to Possibilities pays for the secondary education in one of the best boarding schools in Nigeria (Caleb International School) of children from very poor backgrounds, children who would otherwise not be in school. #RaceforChange

3. Path to Possibilities works with passionate, highly intelligent and determined children who believe in their own abilities. #RaceforChange

4. Path to Possibilities provides more than an education; it provides a safe shelter and three meals a day to all its children. #RaceforChange

5. Path to possibilities believes that each of us can make a difference, especially when we stand together #RaceforChange

6. Path to Possibilities wants to sponsor Farouk Odunowo; he attends Ijegun Community School. His dad was killed by armed robbers at his workplace and his mum is a petty trader. All indications show that he is exceptionally bright. He wants to be a pharmacist. #Educate him.

7. Path to Possibilities wants to sponsor Paul Odumosu; he lives with his grandparents, uncle and unties depending on who is able to sustain him. None of them can afford to further his education post primary school. #Educate him.

8. Path to Possibilities wants to sponsor Adejoke Ogunfuwa; she is from Raco Child School, a free school for the less privileged and her education will cease post primary school. Adejoke wants to be an accountant. #Educate her.

9. Path to Possibilities wants to sponsor Sakirat Adebowale; she is from Odosengbolu in Ijebu. She attends Itawo Community School. The teachers in the school are currently supporting her education but would not be able to continue post primary. Sakirat wants to become a teacher when she grows up. She is quite malnutritioned because her parents cannot afford 2 meals a day. #Educate her.

10. Path to Possibilities agrees with Nelson Mandela “Poverty is not an accident. Like slavery & apartheid, it is man-made & can be removed by the actions of human beings”. Let’s join hands and #RaceforChange

11. “Education is a gift that allows you to explore the mind and look beyond the Earth” Alisha Ricks. #RaceforChange

12. Path to Possibilities through #RaceforChange will build libraries for poorly resourced schools in Nigeria.

13. As the popular saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child” but in this instance let’s join together and make it “continents”. #RaceforChange

14. Rebranding Africa? We can start through education. #RaceforChange

15. “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” Nelson Mandela. #RaceforChange

16. “We must make sure that people who have the grades, the desire and the will, but not the money, can still get the best education possible.” Barack Obama. Our children have the grades, our children have the desire, our children have the will but our children DO NOT have the money. #RaceforChange

17. Give our children HOPE. #RaceforChange

18. Give our children a better FUTURE. #RaceforChange

19. Give our children more OPPORTUNITIES. #RaceforChange

20. Can we do it? YES we can!

After reading this, I am sure you’re as fired up as I am to challenge Eddie Kadi to a 5k or a 10k race. Right? If so, come on get your backside to training and get signed up.

To sign up for #RaceforChange, visit or email with “I want to educate a child”.





Facebook: Path to Possibilities

Twitter: P2P_Nigeria


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