ag1WolfPack’s fifth Woman of Worth for this year’s campaign, is the relentless Agnes Ntow:

 **Your country needs you**

With this mindset this young lady left everything she knew behind and came back to Ghana.After 20 years in the states, when she graduated Loyola University with a BA in Communications a gut instinct made her go against the advice of family and friends. And she eventually made the bold move back home.

With much fewer job prospects and lack of experience she was still determined to build the life that she wanted for herself right here in Ghana. All she knew was she had a passion for media and was an excellent orator.

ag2Agnes is a strong advocate against the brain drain that is robbing our nation of its gifted people. “Why are we helping them maintain their perfect structures when our own home is not even built yet?”

She essentially took JFK’s words and applied them directly to herself. Most young people go abroad and decide to stay away because “the system there is better”. Agnes wasn’t paying attention to what Ghana could do for her when she decided to come home. All she had was faith that when she did return she would make herself a person of value that would add to the nation and not just enjoy its benefits.

A few months after she finally moved, after the culture shock and after a barrage of criticism and inappropriate advances from prospective employers, she landed a job at Vibe 91.9 FM as the host of the Mid-morning show:“Sunshine Cafe.”

Her confidence and infectious charm blew people away; so much so that her next audition got her a job that did not even exist until after the audition.

From there she went on to become an entertainment reporter for This Morning on Viasat 1, and host of Room Service on Y107.9 FM.

Agnes’ decisions stayed true to her personal legend, and because she chose to go against what most people were saying and follow her own heart, it is clear that she has been able to begin fulfilling it. “But nothing for me would be possible without prayer, faith, determination and perseverance”

The WolfPack Women Of Worth Campaign (WWOW) is a unique campaign to applaud, promote and celebrate young pioneering Ghanaian women for their passionate work and the contribution they have made to inspire the younger generation of women. Every year a different batch of “WolfPack Women Of Worth (WWOW)” will be chosen to headline the campaign.

With this campaign WolfPack aims to enhance the aspirations and the pride of young African women by artistically exhibiting successful young innovators, in a series of images with inspirational quotes from each personality. The main aim of this campaign is to inspire up and coming young women across the country and Africa to break the status quo, which tends to be the general saying “it’s a man’s world”. 




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