I wish I looked like this when I worked out. I really do. Instead however, I am attired in a baggy shirt, leggings (usually old..sometimes with holes..) sweating profusely, and wishing that I hadn’t had that extra slice of pizza with the girls last night. Let’s just say, it’s not a pretty sight.

We live in an age where personal health is paramount. Celebrity workout videos are touted in our televisions, celebrities back their endorsements behind workout products and clothing, and half way through that Krispy Kreme , as we’re flipping through a magazine, we’re faced with ridculously toned beach bods, making our chewing slow to a halt as we stare at the half empty box beside us. This may just be me, but there is no disputing the spotlight on bodily health in the noughties. We can’t even escape it on social networks, as even on Twitter every morning, we are faced with perky tweets by our favourite celebrities chirping things such as “Rise and grind” as they’re hitting the gym, just as our eyes are focusing into the world after our first sip of coffee.

The pressure seems to be on. However we should not totally disregard it as media pressure to be thin; going to the gym is indisputably good for you. We know it all. The heart benefits that not only keep us fit, elongate our lives, the fat burning benefits that curb the excessive carb effects to our figures, and of course the inevitable boost of self-esteem. However it is also seems impossible to keep up with the celebrity regimes that are helped by paid dietians and trainers..so what is a busy girl, who likes her food meant to keep up with the likes of Mel B to do?

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFG7XpLANnc&w=853&h=480]

In light of this I’ve generated a few little pointers on how to accomodate a healthy lifestyle with a lack of access to resources celebrities can afford, without conforming ourselves to media pressure.

1. To begin we need to establish that you’re doing this for yourself. . Not because your partner thinks you could lose a few pounds, not because the media says your body needs to be a certain way, but because you want to be healthy, and you want to feel good about yourself. If you’re doing this for anyone but you, you’re never going to feel satisfied. In light of this, you’re also going to need a hefty dose of determination, and a belief that you can reach your goal. You need to have the faith that…

Do like Obama and believe that yes you can!

2. Know your body type. If you’re a girl with curves, know that you probably may never have a body like the waif-like Kate Moss. This is not a bad thing. Celebrate your body, by toning your curves..think of it as a refining process. You don’t want to eliminate what’s great about your body you just want to fine tune it;accentuate it. This is important, as with the media still for the large part showing impossibly skinny girls as poster children for beauty, it can be easy to fall into the trap that everybody should look like that to look good. This is dangerous, grossly wrong and can be responsible for eating disorders.

3. Don’t restrict your life.. Eat. Drink. Be merry. Just be healthy about it- moderation is the key. Have that slice of cake for desert..just don’t reach for a second slice. Have rice- carbs are essential to survival- but make sure it’s balanced by veggies and protein such as grilled or baked chicken. Most importantly, though keep snacking to a minimum..empty calories such as crisps and chocolate are the reason for most of our jelly bellies. Fruit are a good replacement, and if you still need to satisfy your sweet tooth, a small bowl of popcorn should do the trick. I am no dietian, but these are tried and tested means (by me) and they’ve seemed to work!

4. Do what works for you. Now, as aforementioned not all of us can afford celebrity trainers, and not all of us have the time/means to work out as much as they do, and it would be ridiculous to even attempt to. However, do not despair, as there are range of cheap things that we could do to fit in that workout. Canned foods make great weights, and even jogging up and down the stairs for 30 mins categorises as a workout! The internet is also a great resource to research various exercises we can do in the comfort of our homes for 20 minutes just before we go to bed or just after we get up in the morning. For those who can hack it (I know I can’t) running is also something you can do for free in weekends around your neighbourhoods, whilst listening to your favourite jams on your ipod. You can also, of course order little devices such as these, to make working out at home easier. I usually put on an hour long episode of The Kardashian’s and I’m good to go! I’m so engrossed I don’t even realise I’m exercising…that much.

And as a last tip, just for good measure, I might as well add that waterproof eyeliner is a gym-going girl’s best friend. We always want to be prepared by looking FAB if a good looking gym-going male passes us by on the treadmill 😉

Just in case you still need a little motivation, this trainer right here should do the trick…

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glprjNv-r8k&w=853&h=480]

Have a FAB time excercising!


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