What’s your take on health and wholeness? Do you listen to your body? Do you understand it? Do you take care of it? Or are you nonchalant about the state of your health? Taking vital things into consideration and giving your body more of what it needs is great investment. You want that healthy, vibrant life. Go for it!




Consume more fruits

Your weekly health routine might include fruits in it but it’s important to start to take fruits daily because they help boost your performance level. Besides, you’re safer with fruits than processed foods.



Eat healthy snacks and foods

Not all snacks are junk food. There are healthy choices between cracker pieces, peanut butter (which you can use as your sandwich spread) and raisins. Raisins are a healthy source of protein. They also contain fiber and no cholesterol. Healthy for your heart, don’t you think? You can eat them raw, in baked foods or however you would.


Take long walks

Your mind is kept intact, so is your body, when you do this. Taking long distance walks is to a greater extent, therapeutic. Choose your favorite places to walk or hike. You can connect with the environment, love and appreciate nature more and it helps you learn the art of focus because you’re doing this one thing your mind is concentrated on. Walking also helps you generate ideas as your brain cells aren’t overly tasked, you’re just putting them to work. This helps you to be productive, enhancing your mental capacities. Now you have a great mind in a great body. That sounds like the best healthy combo ever!


Be up and doing

Nothing weakens your system like staying idle all day – especially sleeping your life away. Besides, if you want to lose some weight, you’ve got to get your butt out the door and engage in some physically profiting exercise. Staying active also reduces cancer risks and helps perk up your hormone levels.



This is the age long rule but it has consistently proven to be a failure proof health benefit. If you want to avoid a breakdown in your system, get sufficient rest today. Resting also helps calm your nerves which reduces most of the stress.



Drink/use water more than graciously as there are no side effects to it. Drink lots, use it frequently in the shower and for your hair. Super-healthy for it! Water regulates your body temperature and helps with metabolism. It also moisturizes the air in our lungs.


Kill the habit

Gulping ‘gallons’ of alcohol is like throwing nicely wrapped garbage in your system. The long term effects aren’t always pleasant and you also risk the chance of having cancer. Smoking isn’t your next best option either. There’s chronic lung disease, heart disease and stroke to battle with – and that isn’t the whole list. You don’t want to be in that position. So make wise and healthy choices today.

The beautiful thing is taking care of your body is your own life-time gift to yourself. Why deny you the love?

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