Ghanaian gossip sites were abuzz today following the airing of the episode of radio and TV presenter Delores Frimpong Manso aka Delay’s TV show of the same name, Delay which showed Ghanaian star Wanlov da Kubolor flash the presenter.

The impromptu act of flashing too place right after Wanlov confirmed that he did not wear any briefs or boxers beneath the piece of cloth he wrapped around his waist. Delay however insisted that unless she saw his penis, she would not be convinced. After much persuasion, the singer known for wearing wrappers instead of trousers on and off stage stood up and lifted his skirt to show Delay the crown jewels (at 2.10 in the video below).

Wanlov in Issue 1 of FAB


Only last week the controversial rapper released the video for “Sexin Islamic Girls” by Fokn Bois, the duo made of of him and Mensa, an ode to having sex with the wives, sisters and daughters of Boko Haram which features rather risque lyrics such as “Salam n bacon Nadia/ Saw d ham scraping yor labia” and “Muslim Shameema/ who likes it bigger/ Like a shawarma.”

It seems there is no end to the shock factor when it comes to Ghana’s number one shocker!

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