Wow, talk about taking fierceness to another dimension. Rihanna, known for her tendency to rock some very extreme looks is back again, and this time, she is taking it to China . She recently posted pictures of herself on the set of her upcoming music video, ‘Princess of China’ which she is filming with Coldplay. The song was first performed by Rihanna and ColdPlay at this year’s Grammy Awards and now the collaboration will have an interesting visual to accompany it.


In her pictures, she sports extreme black eyeliner, thin penciled eyebrows, bold red lips and an architectural updo adorned with chopsticks. In one picture she shows off her extra-long gold nails while sticking up her middle finger and glaring at the camera.Riri is giving off ‘Gangsta Goth Geisha’  meets ‘Chinese princess’ in the video but judging from the pics, there is a lot more fierceness to come.

Check out the Pictures;
And just in case you missed Rihanna and Coldplay performing the song at the Grammys, you can check it out below;


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