It’s starting to look like Lil Kim is done with the whole Nicki Minaj drama. After spending the whole of last year making songs and going on stage to rant about why Nicki Minaj was wack and only her clone, it seems she is done with all that. But before Lil Kim is ready to take the high road, she couldn’t resist making a scathing statement when the issue regarding her opinion about Nicki Minaj’s Stupid H*e was brought up on the Watch What Happens Live show. She says;


“I’m pretty sure I feel the same way everybody else feels right about now.  If you have to make a song called ‘Stupid H*e’…then you must be the stupid h*e.”


Well, with Nicki Minaj extremely bizzare performance at the Grammys, personally I don’t think Lil Kim has anything to worry about when it comes to Minaj’s popularity.
While everyone had been expecting her to make a comeback to Lil Kim’s Stupid H*e it looks like the singer is quite ready to leave all that behind and move on. Here’s hoping Nicki Minaj does the same. Frankly, this whole thing is starting to get really embarrassing.

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