Three hours ago Ono Bello (the fashion website) tweeted

With Franca Sozanni Editor of Vogue Italia in Lagos…Previewing designs from Nigerian designers… Hush hush…



And with that the whole of  the Nigerian twitter-sphere is buzzin (that is besides the protest presently happening)

Apparently, Franca Sozanni is in Nigeria previewing the works a few Nigerian designers. So far these include Lanre Da Silva Ajayi’s and VictataT-shirts


Later on Victate’s model Benjamin Oviosu posted on his facebook page:

Showcase with Roberto Cavalli and Vogue chief editor, modelling for Victate!

Rumour has it that Cavalli is in Nigeria to open a brand new shop there. The Boys Of Modus Vivendi  also tweeted with a pic.

Just left a meeting with Roberto Cavalli and the Chief editor of Vogue Italia! Life is about to change

A shoot featuring a few Nigerian designers is also supposed to be featured in Vogue Italia, however there is no confirmation on this  when it is to be published.


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