Gasp! Who’da thunk it, the sultry, adorable, talented songstress has got a feisty side! Adele got pissed off during the Brit Award when she was cut off about 20 seconds into her acceptance speech for winning the Award for ‘Album Of The Year’. Guess the organizers were running out of time because she was rudely interrupted during her thank-you speech just so they could introduce another performance. Who can blame her though, getting this kind of treatment can be really annoying especially coming from her home country. She as treated way better at the Grammys.

She did feel bad about the outburst though, she apologized. saying:

I was cut off during my speech, but I wanted to thank the British public for all their support. I was held up with my voice and troubles, but the album kept walking without me. I flipped the bird for the suits at the BRITS who cut me off. Sorry if I offended anyone but it was for them, not for the fans.”

First M.I.A, now Adele, it seems flipping off people while on stage is starting to become a celebrity trend.

Take a look at the clip:


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