If you have been following the trending topics on twitter, you may have seen the #PoorMichelle topic that started since yesterday. A click on the hashtag reveals all the several jabs and memes indicating the former Destiny’s Child member was at the short end while she was still in the defunct group.

The #PoorMichelle fuss even reached the singer herself, who took to twitter to address the mean tweets in the nicest and direct way anyone could have possibly done tweeting,

#PoorMichelle that’s not what my accountant said! Y’all be blessed now”



Destiny’s Child

Whoever started this hullabaloo must have given it a real thought because it surprisingly got a lot of people participating with several funny #Poor Michelle responses:

Poor-Michelle-memes-FAB-Magazine Poor-Michelle-memes-FAB-Magazine.JPG3 Poor-Michelle-memes-FAB-Magazine.JPG4




A reporter didn’t know who she was

That time she fell but Beyonce and Kelly kept on singing

And many more…

A few celebrities have also taken time to respond to malicious comments directed to them on social media. Celebrities like Gabourey Sidibe when ridiculed on her look to the Golden Globes on her twitter, the ‘Precious’ actress simply replied:


Let’s not forget James Blunt who responded to critics with hilarious one-liners for nasty tweets on his music.


James Blunt

Poor-Michelle-memes-FAB-Magazine.JPG11 Poor-Michelle-memes-FAB-Magazine.JPG9 Poor-Michelle-memes-FAB-Magazine.JPG10

James Blunt is certainly the wrong pick to contend with!

Still on Michelle, despite all that has been said, we love her music and think she is absolutely FAB to bless all her haters. She may not be as successful as Beyonce and Kelly but Williams has left everyone rest assured that she is not going broke anytime soon.


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