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Just yesterday, Annie Idibia (wife of the legendary singer, 2Face Idibia) put up a trim and beautiful post baby photo of herself on her Instagram account.

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Annie’s post baby photo

As it may seem, the photo did not go down well with a few critics who tagged the delectable actress a ‘Beyonce/Kim Kardashian wanna be’.

Annie, in response to the cruel critics, posted a photo via Instagram with the caption,

FAB-Magazine-Annie-Idibia-gives- critics-a-piece-of-her-mind

“Saw this n connected! Cc from @yvonneokoro !!! The truth is with most pple u JUST can’t win! “If we post a pic, jus like u n evry normal person will, u call it “attention seeking” If we don’t post pic u say “we r hiding”! I eat very healthy,breast feed religiously,n try to trim down naturally , u say “she’s trying too hard,wants to copy bee/Kim” if I ignor me n look 3times bigger,u will say ” local girl , jus bcos u jus gave brith u so fat n flabby, y can’t u learn from bee /Kim ” . If We help d less privilege n tell/post pics u ‘ll say “we r showin off” if we keep it out of d public u will say”see her selfish person ,can’t help d poor” !!! For some reason u now know my tots and feelings than I do? U say n judge like u better or wiser? U wanna teach us how to b better wives, husbands, parent and human!!! Truth is,With most of u we jus can’t WIN! #iaintgottime4that every one comes out here n post pics they like,jus like u, we do d same we didn’t ask dem bloggers to copy n use,with whatever caption or story they like! Jus like u We r humans n ve got feelings too! So be careful how u judge..”

What do you think about Annie’s response?

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  1. Fab

    Annie is right…with most people you just can’t win…so just do you and be happy with yourself. Ignore the so-called critics.


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