We can only guess it started with some thanksgiving messages from Toni Payne which made Twitter trolls to come out of the wood works to dash gratuitous insults at the media personality.

Following an accusatory tweet from a user Toni took the high road and dismissed it graciously.


Not content with Toni’s dismissal, the same user followed by another sent the artist deragotary tweets which referred to her alleged dalliance with Ruggedman her former husband and father of her son singer 9ice had alluded to in a song.

Perhaps another subtle reference to the allegations came with this tweet:

Toni’s final response to the trolls with 9ice’s handle copied in could perhaps be a thinly veiled dig at her ex for starting this controversy in the first place.

Later on, Toni replied to fans tweets encouraging her to ignore the trolls, ensuring them she wouldn’t let them spoil her joy and adding a defiant:

Toni, we salute you and your fierce no-nonsense cyber whooping of trolls.

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