The Okoye brothers- Peter, Paul and Jude Okoye

Just last week, music producer and director of the Okoye brothers – Jude Okoye got the P-Square fans talking on social media when he tweeted that he was done after 10 years of hard work.


Not only did he scare the fans of the twin pop stars who thought Jude was leaving the duo to themselves, but it also triggered speculations that the brothers were involved in a serious fight resulting to a serious breakup scare.


Peter and Paul Okoye

Meanwhile, Lola Omotayo-Okoye who got married to Peter Okoye last year was accused of rousing the huge fight between the happy brothers. According to unverified reports Peter had constantly condemned older sibling, Jude Okoye for disrespecting his wife.


From L-R: Paul, Anita, Peter and Lola Okoye

Lola Okoye who had been silent took to her Facebook account and wrote:


Lola and peter Okoye tied the knot in 2013. The lovely couple have two kids.

Today the Okoye trio also broke the long silence:



Paul and Anita Okoye

Ex beauty queen Anita Isama who is married to Paul Okoye also had something to say:


As it seems the family is restored to order again. Hopefully there won’t be anymore fights in the blissful family.


The Okoyes

‘Alingo’ P-Square

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