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To promote tonight’s premiere of her movie House of Gold, earlier today Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson posted a promotional pictuee of herself and fellow actresses on photo sharing app Instagram and within minutes her comment feed was abuzz with “nipple alert comments”. While one fan @lilyofori wrote ‘Dress outstnding, u failed cuz of d nips’ another, @dakallo simply stated, ‘Your nipples are showing…’

In response to @nancie_hsn who commented, ‘Epic fail… Nipples r showin’ Yvonne hit back with, ‘Epic fail???? Really??? U r funny @nancie_hsn

There were of course those appreciative of the image which garnered over 1000 likes and the star herself. ‘i see perfectly symmetrical boobs, a very fit and healthy body, and the perfect dress to show just that, you know you’re doing big things when the comments start getting mean, just ignore

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  2. Michelle

    Let’s leave her alone jor. Is it your nipple? Lol. Didn’t you guys read that article that ladies should stop wearing bra? I’m sure yvonnne has read it. Lol.

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