Lydia-ForsonOne of the many celebrities featured in the fifth edition of the celebrity and lifestyle magazine Glitz Africa Magazine was Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson and unlike many who keep mum about their love lives, Lydia opened up about what she looks for in a man.

“I like thick guys because I am a lot of woman and I need someone who can handle all my curves. I am also intrigued by mysterious men,” the actress said.

Of her curvaceous figure, Lydia said, “I don’t always walk around thinking I am the coolest being in this world; I have my days that I feel bloated and days that I feel like chill Lydia, “know what your butt is the ish!”

The actress also dished out about her love of PDA as well as her interest in open-minded men – “I like someone who is extremely open minded. I have come to realize how important that is. I want someone who is not afraid to break the rules, someone who doesn’t have impossible in their dictionary. Most importantly, I want someone who will respect me and I because I think that is the most important thing in a relationship.”

“When he respects you, I believe he will not cheat on you, abuse you physically, instead he will take care of you because he respects that you are his woman and you have to look good. When I am in love with someone I feel like I am entirely theirs, so let’s just enjoy each other. I am attracted to mischief and the unknown, the kind of guy no one will date but I will be the only one to see something rare and beautiful in them. Yep that it sums it up.”

So what do you think, guys?

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