Having denied using artificial implants to inflate her bum, Kim’s bottom still leaves everyone jaw dropped at its sight any day and anytime.

The reality TV star proudly revealed the huge size of her behind as she sat on the side of a red boat in Thailand. Clad in a gold Brazilian-style bikini, Kim’s curvy rear swallowed up the tiny bikini which revealed her butt cheeks as she posed for the shoot.

No doubt Kim was aware of the effect she was having as she tilted her body for the camera to get all the perfect shots as we all know how vain the mother of one can be.


The 33-year-old was glowing in her natural look, with her messy hair left wet, and her bottom covered with sand to give the full beach effect. Her glam team was at its best to prettify her and highlight the best shots.

After the whole shoot accentuated on her curves and bottom, Kim finally covered up in a white towel strolling round the beach barefooted.


Although Kim’s butt has undeniably grown twice its size, she has consistently denied using implants to increase the size of her bum explaining that its due to her post pregnancy figure after giving birth to North West.


‘I’m seeing all these nonsense tabloids claiming I have butt implants-injections. Get a life!’ she wrote on her blog.

See more photos below:



Kim-Kardashian-shows-off-huge-bum-FAB-Magazine.jpg7 Kim-Kardashian-shows-off-huge-bum-FAB-Magazine.jpg8




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