Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim has expressed her disgust on Instagram over the efforts being put together to raise money for OJB Jezreel. According to her, half the amount should’ve been enough for the kidney transplant and then she talked about celebrities being “harassed” to contribute money to the cause.

Here’s the full talk


So what is she insinuating? Can someone just mind their Ghanaian business? Some thoughts are better left in your head and unsaid. Juliet obviously means no harm but don’t you think voicing this at this critical time can break a patient’s heart? One who’s about to go for surgery paid for by his caring colleagues? Don’t you really think?

Besides, here a few things to thoughtfully note when a person is getting a transplant as in this case: They need money to travel. They need money for medication. They need money for the surgery. They need money to transport the person(s) accompanying them on the journey. They need money for to be stable from the after-effects – as it were – of surgery. They need money to come back home. These are amongst other things that haven’t been mentioned.

Even if anyone doubts the authenticity of the needed amount, they should know this is bad timing to bring that up. And there also is a way  they ought to bring that up. Don’t you think?

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