You’ll remember FAB brought you news for Yvonne Nelson‘s long-awaited and detailed official response on her controversial breakup with Iyanya where she confessed to have been really hurt by the cheating and finally opened up that she actually has moved on from him.

Well it seems Iyanya played out his own response (while doing a freestyle on Kukere) to that public declaration by Yvonne on Tim Westwood‘s show in the UK. It really seemed like a response directed at Yvonne. Really did.

Tim Westwood, Iyanya & a friend

Tim Westwood, Iyanya & a friend

The words read: “Yvonne Nelson, I lost your medicine. She call me sey she’s coming over then I ride her like a jangolova. I was traveling that day and she pulled over. She said Iyanya can you be my lover. I said yeah… Come to my crib we can shut it down there… but don’t forget, all I want is your waist, no emotions, no tears, no letters, no love, no nothing. All I want is your waist, she didn’t even know it. She brought emotions.”

He then said something about “just playing”. Really? You probably might have a different opinion; watch the video, though.


Girl’s truly moved on and having fun. Assess by the photo below.


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