Things are taking an interesting turn in Brazil as some head coaches have laid down ground rules when it comes to sex, in order to ensure their team’s best chance to win the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

world_cup_sex_rulesThere is even a outlining who can get down and who has to enter temporary celibacy for the duration of the games: Germany, Spain, USA, Australia, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Uruguay, and England can completely exhaust themselves before each match if they are so inclined, while players from Russia, Chile, Mexico, and Bosnia and Herzegovina will have to channel all that sexual frustration into their on-the field game

Of course there are some gray areas – which is the interesting part of all this – for example, French players can only have sex if it doesn’t last all night, the Nigerian team can have sex if it is with their wives, but girlfriends have to stay home. And Brazilians can have all the World Cup sex they want, so long as it’s not “acrobatic”. Costa Rican players are banned from having sex until the second round (or presumably elimination.)

We trust the judgment of these coaches as every World Cup coach has his own methods for trying to improve the success of his team. While researchers have found that sex is no physical detriment to athletic performance, some coaches are unconvinced.

Image Source: Quartz

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