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O.B.O star, Davido is topping the controversial list of the day, leaving his fans confused with only one question on their lips, ”Who is she”. Davido posted a photo of him cuddled up and kissing an unidentified young lady and deleted it seconds later.

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Davido’s Instagram post

This is not the first time we are seeing a controversial photo of Davido. In February 2012, the pop star visited Ghana and hours later there were private bedroom shots of Davido in bed with  an 18 year old lady, named Sonia.

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Davido and Sonia

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Sonia licking Davido


FAB-Magazine-Davido-Shares-A-pic-on instagram-with-an-unknown-lady

Sonia kissing Davido

Eight months later, another private photo was leaked with Davido captured in bed again with an unknown lady. The viral picture was a trending topic of discussion for months.

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Davido and unknown lady

What do our FAB readers think? Is this one of the publicity seeking cases or is Davido  in love?

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