FAB GIST: Davido headlines sold-out O2 Arena show in London. Gets lap dance from fan.


Davido headlined at the o2 Indigo Arena on 15th of September and he declared via twitter that it was an emotional experience for him: ‘Sold out the 02!! So emotional!!! Remember web I 1st performed here 2 years ago! No one knew who I was!! Dreams come true! OBO!‘,

The Nigerian Pop singer performed live on stage thrilling fans with his hit songs with supporting performances from Lola Rae, Mo Eazy, Eddie Kadi and Moleogo.

The singer also got a parting gift in the form of a lap dance from a fan who didn’t mind jumping on stage to ‘serve’ the Pop singer. See more photos below:

DAVIDO Davido1 Davido2 Davido3 Davido-4 Davido-perfoming-live-at-the-o2-Arena-London-3 Davido-perfoming-live-at-the-o2-Arena-London-8


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