According to Daily Mail the 23-year-old Gina Rio could be the most spoiled girl in the UK. Gina lives in a suite at the five star Savoy hotel while her £1m house  in London’s King’s Cross, a gift from her mother, is being refurbished. Gina is also handed £10,000 pocket money monthly by her mother, Theresa, who took over the monthly payments after Gina fell out with her father, a successful businessman, in 2003 and he stopped the £20,000 allowance he used to provide.

And £10,000 monthly goes a long way in supporting the young woman’s lavish lifestyle fit for a princess. She only shops at designer stores with Louis Vuitton, Lanvin and Christian Louboutin as some of her favourites, and she eats lavish meals at London’s finest Michelin-starred restaurants.

And Gina’s shoes cabinet is bound to make any woman jealous as she owns over 300 pairs of designer shoes and 70 designer handbags, one of which, a Hermes bag that she ordered her father to buy after she discovered he had bought a similar one for his mistress, costing £20,000.

‘When I found out that he’d bought his mistress a Hermes handbag, I wanted to have one that was bigger and better,’ says Gina, ‘I wanted him to prove that he loved me more than her – because she’s horrid – she’s horrid.’

ginaDespite also earning £2,000 a month as a personal stylist, Gina has failed to save any money but instead relies on her monthly pocket money to fund her lifestyle which also includes being chauffeured around in private cars and taxis, the bill for which can exceed a staggering £1,000 a month, and regular hairdresser appointments often costing £600 per session.

On top of her allowance Gina has also been showered with gifts by her generous parents over the years, which include a £10,000 16th birthday party thrown by her father and a £30,000 Mercedes SLK from her mother.

The young woman who compares herself to socialite and millionairess Tamara Ecclestone, admits she often has no idea how much she spends on luxuries such as socialising, hair and beauty.

Only last month, taking her father’s credit card without his permission she spent a whopping £50,000 in two days clubbing and shopping for luxury clothes. Gina claims she is using money as a substitute for her parents’ love. ‘I know I’m spoiled, but I need my parents to buy me things to prove they love me,’ she says.

Devastated when her father had an affair and left the family for another woman, then aged 14, Gina was given substantial handouts from him until, at age 17, she demanded an allowance of £20,000 a month.

When Gina fell out with her father over his new love in 2003, he cut off her £20,000 a month, but luckily for her, her mother Theresa stepped in to save her daughter’s extravagant way of life.

Currently dating the 23-year-old rapper Ecksell, Gina admits she would never date someone poor. ‘When I met my boyfriend he told me he was signed to Warner Bros to impress me, but he really wasn’t,’ she adds, ‘Then I found out that his dad owns a brand of sauce sold in Harrods, I was pretty impressed and I knew his family would have a lot of money.’

Gina shares snippets of her extravagant lifestyle on her blog where she lists Harrods, Bond street, exclusive jewelers Asprey and Cartier, Selfridges department store as personal shopping favourites and with her 25,000 followers on Twitter.



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  1. mr nigeria

    i stopped at the mercedes and whats with these rich kids turning to rap? no ambition? drake influence?

  2. Michelle Spice

    There are so much poverty stricken children in Afrika just needing the basics like education, home, family and food…

    This young woman is clueless! She has no direction and she thinks everything revolves around her!

    She needs to count her blessings and truly now start to get a life!!!!!!!


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