As  MoHits Crew’s 2011 hit “Oliver Twist”continues to play heavy rotation on UK radios, with more remixes than possibly any other Afrobeats tune to date (Skepta’s done one, Sneakbo’s done one, and not be outdone by the boys, Estelle’s done one too), this latest remix  we stumbled upon is yet another gem!

Uploaded on to YouTube on 4 February by the British band Ryan Parrot and The Rumours, the remix not only brings an acoustic vibe to the tune, but also give the lads a chance to name-check some UK eye candies (queue Cheryl C, Tulisa, Katie P.) in the sort of swag D’Banj, we reckon, would approve of.

What do you reckon – “Oliver Twist” making waves across the UK or an unsigned, relatively unheard of act riding high on the MoHits waves? You can listen now or download the remix on the link below to decide for yourself.

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2 Responses

  1. Ganjastar

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! This has surely made my day!!! The Oliver phenomenon has gone global!


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