DV (2 of 14)When we spotted Deborah Vanessa’s fashion line for Printex on billboards in Ghana, we knew wee were on to something FAB we had to share with you.Designer Deborah Vanessa is of course no stranger to FAB readers, with her singing, dancing, acting and last but not least her fab Instagram feed we shared with you some months back.

The brand Deborah Vanessa named after the designer was started in 2009 from her London bedroom. DV is for the young woman who loves vibrant colours, loves to feel sexy, maintain elegance with 50s fashion influence and dares to dress quirky at times.

DV loves to use African prints as they still remain unique to most parts of the world and it’s a way of contributing to the textile industry of Africa and Ghana in particular. You always stand out but still look simply elegant when wearing DV!


DV (5 of 14)

DV (7 of 14)

DV (9 of 14)  DV AND MODEL


Celebs in DV


Yvonne Nelson in DV


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