It’s an upcoming movie, Two Mothers set to premiere at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival from January 17-27 in Park City, Utah. The film has raised many eyebrows because of the story line, wide contrast in age differences and presentation.

Naomi Watts in bed with 21-year-old Australian actor, James Frecheville

There were just a few stills released from the upcoming film which still caused a stir. Can’t wait to see what reactions will be when it finally debuts.

Nude Robin Wright, 46, playing seductress with Xavier Samuel

The movie tells the story of two mothers who find themselves passionately locked in relationships with each other’s teenage sons.

The movie is set to premiere in 2013 and is a much anticipated controversial work

Scripted by Christopher Hampton and directed by Anne Fontaine, the film stars Twilight actor, Xavier Samuel, Robin Wright, Naomi Watts and James Frecheville.

The movie, originally titled the Grandmothers is an adaptation of a short story by British writer, Doris Lessing that follows the story of two grandmothers and long time friends, Roz and Lil, who were in love with each other’s sons until their early 30s.

Just how controversial do you think it looks like, judging from the pictures and characters involved?

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