There are several reasons why colors are able to influence how we feel. We react on multiple levels of association with colors-there are social or culture levels as well as personal relationships with particular colors. On a bleak day it would be so easy to throw on a pair of jeans and a slouchy sweater, but why not throw on something from spring-a green mini skirt, fun fringe booties and a sweater with evening jewelry. That makes an impression on everyone around you, but it also makes you feel cute and when you feel cute, you feel better. You can channel the different moods you want with different colors.

Feel like changing your frame of mind for the better? Play around with these colors when picking out your clothes, makeup and accessories:



Red is hot, evoking powerful emotions such as fear, anger and passion. Red would be one of the most complicated colors, the mood red conveys changes dramatically when you lighten it (sweet and innocent pink) or darken it (sophisticated burgundy). Red lips can be your best accessory, especially if you’re wearing all black. You have to be confident to do it and have the right shade of red for your skin tone.


Need to chill out after a stressful day? Slip on something blue. Psychologically, blue is the opposite of red-it lowers blood pressure. Red picks you up and blue takes you down, but not down to depression level. That may be because if you look to nature, such as the sky and the ocean, blue conveys tranquility. That’s also what you project when wearing the shade. Blue is associated with trustworthiness, stability, strength and dependability.

The color green is closely linked to the environment, which can put you in a relaxed or refreshed mood. Green is relaxing because it is associated with growth and nature it also looks good on every skin type and has a wide range of shades that allow you to modify your mood-from serious and sophisticated to fresh and bright.


Yellow carries a positive connotation like sunshine, which conveys a joyous, happy mood. Wearing yellow creates a very open atmosphere with people and will bring a smile to their demeanor right away.


This highly popular color marries the sunniness of yellow with red’s depth. In fact, orange is the perfect substitute if you’re not comfortable seeing red. But the color is by no means ho-hum-orange evokes action. Orange is much more of a casual, active color-it’s big in active wear-whereas red is much more sophisticated. It’s also the color to choose when you want to stand out without taking a big risk. That’s because orange is considered a little edgy without be too “out there.”


Having a “fat day”? Slipping into something black makes you look five pounds slimmer-instantly improving your mood. Black is clearly the go-to color when you want to look more regal and formal. It can be very elegant. Every woman needs an LBD. It plays everything else down so you stand out. It lets you shine.

Colour certainly goes a long way in making you feel better, so the next time you go shopping buy clothes that will definitely enhance your mood.

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