Ayikai Couture is an up and coming Afro fashion label established in 2009 by Antoinette Ayikai Amuzu, a UK-based Ghanaian designer.  Antoinette’s vision for Ayikai is simple: To create a distinctive range of clothes that represent a fusion of contemporary design and African textiles. The result: a stylish collection of innovative, vibrant and unique fashion garments.

Ayikai Couture is quickly becoming the home of distinctive African fashion and accessories with an inimitable African feel.  Ayikai Couture [pronounced A-yi-kai] was inspired by the collection of rich & diverse cultures of Ghana, West Africa and the current fashion trends of the Western world.

The garments feature natural fibre, wax print fabric and elegant tailoring punctuated with carefully selected accents for multi-ethnic flair.  These creations are designed for fun and for sophistication, for the young and the mature, for slim and full figures.  My lines consist of one-of-a-kind, unique creations and of limited series.

The patterns and colours of the clothing are unique and vibrant, adding spice and spark to any wardrobe.

Volta Queen

The current Spring/Summer 2012 collection dubbed ‘Volta Queen’ was inspired by Antoinette’s keen obsession with local culture, graphics and the Ghanaian ideology of design which is described to have an edgy style fused with visual poetry.  The current collection also pays homage to old traditional materials, turning them into modern classic garments.

The collection tries to blur the boundaries between Africa and the West, illustrating that ancient Ghanaian fashion can survive.  The cut, fit and complementing soft tailoring ensure the garments move with flattering fluidity.

The Volta Queen collection is guaranteed to catch the eye with rich warm earth tones of genuine Afro-wax prints to glorify the intensity of African style!

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  1. Michelle Spice

    I really love the one strap off the shoulder number 4,5,6,7, really cool and unique. The prints make them also interesting…

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