It’s Thursday, and everywhere on social media the excitement of old pictures, old music plus more have surfaced.

Well fashion has its throwback moments too because fashion is basically just a revolving circle of trends. The vintage trend is quite major right now and we’ve put together a list of trends we love from the 90s that we are still absolutely crazy about in 2014. These are trends that have definitely stood the test of time.

Crop Tops

90s Trends We Are Still Crazy About In 2014 (2) L-R: Madonna, Model On Runway

Crop tops were a major trend in the 90s, brought on by our TV stars of that age – Madonna, Spice Girls and more. Well crop tops are still very “in” and quite chic when worn in the right way because as we can see, two decades down the line and Crops are still on the runway.


Flip -up Sunglasses

90s Trends We Are Still Crazy About In 2014 (3)L-R: Kadeem Hardison, Dwayne Wade

Flip Up sunglasses are a legit fashion trend throwback that we still love in 2014. It’s quirky and fun, whats not to love? They are vintage and a certified standout accessory. More recently they have been spotted on celebrities like Lupe Fiasco, Lady Gaga and Dwayne Wade.


Michael Jackson Inspired Jackets

90s Trends We Are Still Crazy About In 2014 (4)L-R: Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Pharell

Year in year out we continue to remember the legend that was Michael Jackson and the fashion industry remembers him too with these Michael Jackson inspired jackets, whether bearing the signature embellished design from “Beat It” or the leather V design from “Thriller”.


Oversized Sweatshirt

90s Trends We Are Still Crazy About In 2014 (5)L-R: Jennifer Beal, Rihanna

First fell in love with this fashion trend because of Jennifer Beals in “Flashdance” but more recently Rihanna has revived that love with her casual yet chic looks in oversized sweatshirts.


Flashy Prints

90s Trends We Are Still Crazy About In 2014 (1)L-R: 90s Poster, Model On Runway, Rita Ora

The 90s was the era of flashy prints and neon everything. From leotards to leg warmers and bright flashy rubber bracelets. The trend continued into 2013 and we still very much love it in 2014 with great hopes of seeing unique flashy prints on the runway this year.


Photo Credit: Google Images

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