Want to take a tour of Dakar on a beautiful summer’s day? Why not step into the world created in the short film Inner Cruise directed by Tom Escarmelle (White Owl Prod.) inspired by designer Selly Raby Kane’s next futuristic collection.

Based on a fantastic and poetic premise, Inner Cruise reveals a new facet of Dakar city and explores the possible interactions between fashion and cinema, light and shadow. Designer Selly Raby Kane purposely chose to use local amateur actresses Amy and Bintou Sonko for lead roles, the film primarily focusing on picturing an identity, a world made of brightness and obscurity.

Inner Cruise / Stylism by Selly Raby Kane
Directed by Tom Escarmelle / White Owl Prod.
Music: Tame Impala – Feels Like We Only Go Backwards
Shot in Dakar Sénégal 2013

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