Today is the birthday of an amazing Nigerian artist who, over the years, has been able to stick to her continuously melodious and powerful songs.

Lami Philips turns a year older today and apart from being insanely in love with her music, (which other artist do you know that isn’t just churning out a noisy club banger every week and instead gives the world lovely soul music?) we are also crazy in love with her fashion style.

Lami Philips is able to go from elegant on the red carpet, to classy for a day filled with meetings and then to chic rebel in music videos. Her eclectic and versatile fashion style is one of the reasons we are celebrating her style on her special day. There are two things we have noticed that she is partial to in her closet – shoes and sunglasses.

We have put together 7 looks we love and will always love from the music diva!

 On Set of “Titi Lai Lai” VideoStyle-Celebration-Lami-Phillips-7-Looks-We-Absolutely-Love-FAB-Magazine (1)


Mai Atafo’s “Dream Wedding II”Style-Celebration-Lami-Phillips-7-Looks-We-Absolutely-Love-FAB-Magazine (1)


Engagement Party of Tiwa Savage & Tee BillzStyle-Celebration-Lami-Phillips-7-Looks-We-Absolutely-Love-FAB-Magazine (2)

5th Annual Mode Magazine’s Men Of The Year Awards  Style-Celebration-Lami-Phillips-7-Looks-We-Absolutely-Love-FAB-Magazine (3)

Blush Tea Pary & Sacred Brow & Lash Bar LaunchStyle-Celebration-Lami-Phillips-7-Looks-We-Absolutely-Love-FAB-Magazine (4)

First Butterscotch Evenings

Style-Celebration-Lami-Phillips-7-Looks-We-Absolutely-Love-FAB-Magazine (5)

Photoshoot for Complete Fashion Magazine, February 2014 issueStyle-Celebration-Lami-Phillips-7-Looks-We-Absolutely-Love-FAB-Magazine (6)

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