Here at FAB, we’re always on the lookout for fashion brands that are doing interesting things. I’ve been aware of Agnes Kuye for a while, the lady behind FABulous accessory label Senga K Designs. Effortlessly blending recycled Ankara with leather to create funky fashion forward accessories, Agnes’s designs certainly grab ones attention. I caught up with Agnes to discover more about Senga K.

Can you describe Senga K in one or two sentences for those unfamiliar with the label.

Senga K Designs is an AFRO/Euro accessories company based in the UK. My merchandise is made from 70% recycled materials, using distressed leather, Ankara & denim & colourful dodo woods beads. I design & create AFRO/Euro funky & unique bags, beads, scarves, boob tube tops & ties.

What was the motivation behind Senga K? 

I have been creative from a young age, so I have always nurtured my talent. I started my business back in 2003. I started designing purely for my personal use and after a number of times being stopped on the street and asked about my jewels/bags.. I decided to pursue my creative talent as a business. I have no formal training, I have just a God-given talent and I love to design. Creating products from scratch and seeing the finished article is a fantastic release for me and a great way to express who I am.

Who would you say is your core consumer?

My motto is to ‘ Innovate & Learn From Yourself’.. so anyone that loves being an individual in fashion & celebrates uniqueness. My goods appeal to men, women and children of all ages, as I have an extensive range of goods that I produce. My core consumer would be ladies between the ages of 20 – 60.

What inspires your design process?

My country of origin is Nigeria and my inspiration comes from the love of my culture.
The fusion of my African heritage with my European up bringing is my natural Inspiration & being able
to be limitless in my creative ability. I love designing & creating the bags in particular from conception to the finished product. The bags are made from recycled leather, denim & Ankara, so to see a bag made from a jacket/pair of jeans is very rewarding. I like to create unique pieces, so the goods purchased are special & personal to my clients.

Was it a natural progression from ladies bags towards Man bags and afro ties?

Most designers will tell you there are not enough hours in the day, but I will always try to extend my range and constantly challenge myself to make new products. My specific target originally was just women, but after men started to show interest in the goods I decided to extend my range. I would like to continue to expand my client base & attract clients from all over the world. Face book has really helped me to achieve that goal.

Do you have plans to expand your product range outside of accessories?

For the moment no, although under the accessories umbrella there are still many products that. I can work with, outside of accessories I do not have the resources. My creative business is a part-time vocation and I still work full-time as a Senior Client Accountant. I have also started to promote my wares in Nigeria, so my goal is to continue to explore that avenue & more opportunities to make my label more well-known. I recently organised a mini AFRO/Euro Street Fashion Rocks in London, to help promote my wares. It was very successful & rewarding. I’m still getting an amazing amount of interest/business from the success of the shoot. I also recently completed another Afro/Euro street fashion(2) shoot in Lagos, Nigeria last July.

Where can we find Senga K?

The best place is on my face book at ‘Senga Kuye’, to which I will add you to my business page HERE

Finally – What makes you FAB?

My AFROfantabulousness comes from my ability to make something from nothing and see the potential in what most people would deem rubbish. Hence why my goods are made from 70% recycled materials. I love bright colours that say (((POWWW))).

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