We always love meeting new fashion design talent of African descent and this year’s Graduate Fashion Week once again provided us with many opportunities to meet some fashion stars in the making.
Let’s meet University of Wales graduate Khadijah Eniafe and her label. 

Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you get into fashion design? How did you decide to study it as a degree?

As a shy child growing up I always either had my nose in a book or furiously sketching away my surroundings & people on a sketchbook I had. Most clothes I had were customised and my mum’s wardrobe suffered because I loved her style and I’d change some of her dresses to fit me so I guess fashion design was always something I did without realising it.

Deciding to study Fashion was a whirlwind decision, It happened so fast. I was applying to different universities to do my undergraduate degree and the next thing I knew I was heading towards the creative pathway. It was mainly my family who actually nudged me to study it; I guess they saw something which I didn’t. That being said, it is the best decision I’ve made ever.



Your collection is a mix of grand eveningwear and more casual dresses. What was the concept behind this collection? 

I wanted to create an event and smart casual collection for women who aren’t afraid to express their individuality through the garments they wear. The form fitted silhouettes, aesthetic panels and structured shapes was a way to express their sense of style in a unique way.


Where do you draw inspiration from in your fashion design work?

My main inspiration stems from intricate fabric manipulation, I love mimicking the textures and patterns of architecture and animal skin on simple fabrics. Some of the textile techniques in this collection were inspired by armadillo and crocodile skins.



How would you define the Khadijah Eniafe woman?

Khadijah Eniafe is a creative individual, a fully committed perfectionist who possesses a strong confidence. Straightforward, dexterous and a positive person in general.

Who are some of your favourite designers? 

Pierre Garroudi, Karen Millen, Duro Olowu, Gareth Pugh, Deola Sagoe, Elie Saab and tons more!




How would you describe your own style?

Comfort comes first, no matter what I’m wearing or where I’m going I have to be comfortable with what’s on my skin. My style is mostly smart casual with a scoop of androgyny and a pinch of sexy! I love me some heels (maybe a little too much) and of course unique jewellery.

You are a recent graduate. What is next for Khadijah?

Yeah I am, hopefully get a job as a womenswear designer in the creative industry or be a student again by getting a masters degree.

Where can we see you in five years’ time? 

My long term goal is to successfully own and run my own business in 5 or 10yrs time, by then I would be armed with enough capital, knowledge of business, experience and links in the industry.

Now for I am FAB Questions: 


FAB things about your name or the meaning of your name?  Fab things about Khadijah (Kah-dee-jah): It sounds interesting, It’s unique, it’s of Arabic origin and one of the most highly respected names in Islam. My lastname, Eniafe, is Yoruba and it means: The one we love.

Country of origin? Nigeria, I’m half Yoruba and half Hausa! And yes I can speak both languages.

FAB thing about country of origin? Nigeria is such a FAB country! Nigeria is FAB because of the hospitality of its people, the rich heritage and culture it possesses, the natural resources, the cuisine, the beautiful people, the music . . . I can go on and on!

Describe yourself in 3 words?  (This is a hard one!) Positive, Considerate, Likeable.

What makes you FAB?  God and the support of my family and friends, I’m such a positive happy person and whenever I’m in a not so good situation my motto is: “This Too Shall Pass” that keeps me going and that makes me FAB!


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  1. Moukhtar Isah Abdullahi

    Hi Hady Wallahi i like what you are doing i also have a fashion outfit in Abuja Nigeria and i need someone i can collaborate with


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