smf3  From stylish animated Diva’s like Betty Boo , Minnie Mouse and Miss Piggy , there was one animated character my sister and I pretended to be sick so as to skip school and watch all morning on KTV during their marathon ; was the cute pretty blue ‘Smurfette’ from ‘The SMURFS’.

Not only was she bold in talking to the evil ‘Gargamel’ when he caught her sometimes, but the way she waved her puffy blond hair and blinked her adorable sexy eyes was truly a competition for Mickey Mouse’s girlfriend ‘Minnie’ ;my sister and I though as little girls.


Years later, not only is she on the Big Screen (with Katy Perry voicing her), but she’s having her own catwalk show during the ‘New York Fashion week’ on February 13th.

This amazing and creative fashion show is a cool project attached with the release of the New film ‘The Smurfs 2’ coming soon this summer in July. Sony pictures Animation has teamed up with Junk food Art House on the show – ‘Le Look Smurfette’, show casing outfits like: White heels, pretty short and flare white dresses, white elf-like cap and an entire Blue fashionable collection of outfits.


The Smufette fashion line will be stocked in department stores such as Selfridges, Blooming dales and Saks Fifth Avenue in the launching of the film’s release towards this summer.


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