We thought the love for peplum would fade with 2013 but the fashion trend is back – or it never left.

como-e-quem-pode-usar-peplum-2The peplum trend is one of those fashion fads that everybody can embrace. It works for plus size women because it helps to hide pull away focus from the stomach, and it helps with thinner framed women because it can create an illusion of hips. So it really is a win-win situation and we can understand why people are reluctant to let their love for peplum fade.

Seeing as it is here to stay, we are giving 4 tips on how to re-vamp the look this year. Ghanaian singer Efya is an avid lover of the peplum trend so we are taking a page from her style manual on how to look to re-vamp this trend

A Tailored Jumpsuit

You cannot fail with a well-tailored jumpsuit, and when you go one step further to add peplum, it is an unusual combination that will turn heads. Efya shows us how it is done in this picture. She also chooses a colour that is conservative but fashionable.

A Sleek dress
sleek dress

A figure flattering sheath dress is made even more chic with the addition of peplum. Wear it with a statement making belt and strappy heels for a trendy work outfit. Efya went with a gorgeous head wrap.

A Statement Dress
Statement Dress

Nothing screams “I am a fashion risk taker” like a statement dress. If you want to do things without going overboard it is best to choose a neutral colour like Efya has done. She infuses a lot of elements in this outfit – peplum, leather, sequins, high-low hem and more.

A Monochrome Effect

Minimalist chic can be a good way to work peplum into an outfit. Efya pairs a peplum neckline plunging blouse with a pencil skirt and she looks simple but chic. As an extra “oomph” you can always go for statement heels.

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