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You’ve seen the photos from the black carpet, you’ve admired Mo Cheddah‘s undisputed Paula SaysFAB look,  on the evening and doubtless you’ve debated over which looks worked and which didn’t. Now it is time to hear how international model Paula Okunzuwa rates the black carpet looks from FAB Night Out.

Here are Paula’s best and worst dressed.

Best Dressed

Toni Tones

Personally, I thought the dress was nice and enhanced her curves well and she certainly has the perfect boobs to pull off the dress. I liked the idea of the dark look but still keeping it sexy and chic with the silver jewelry and minimal make up.

Toke Makinwa

Absolutely loved the red lace dress. Make-up and hair were both right but I thought the whole look would have been better if her hair was pulled back just to show off the neckline of the dress as well as her earrings. Other than that, she did rock the black carpet.


Mo’chedda was definitely doing it for me with the dress. And aww… she looked very cute. All I have to say is because the dress already made a lot of statement, I think her hair should have been done up in a ponytail, just to show her face a lot more and so she could look less dramatic. I liked that she had minimal jewellery too.


Toolz FNO 12-0616

Toolz definitely blew me away. The lady is very endowed and she knows what goes well with her body. She definitely knows how to look good without feeling the need to show her well-endowed bits. The dress hugged her in all the right places. Well done, Miss Toolz!

Deborah Vanessa

Deborah Vanessa FNO 12-0009

Cute outfit to wear to a disco ball, but a bit too cute to wear to an event like the FAB awards. Certainly not bad, but I would have preferred it if it were a one-piece dress. Nice shoes too!!!
Beverly Naya

Beverly Naya FNO 12-9856

Beautifully designed outfit, hair do and make-up both looked nice too. The shoes I didn’t understand at all. I think a nice pair of black stilettos would have done the outfit more justice. Other than that, Miss Beverly did look good.

Makida Moka

Very elegant dress, with hair pulled to the side. The look would have been better if she had accompanied it with a neck piece.

Liz John-Black

Liz looked fab from head to toe. I have to give it to her; she rocked the black carpet with her dress. Go girl!

Worst Dressed

Tiwa Savage

Tiwa Savage FNO 12-1599Very disappointed to be honest. Tiwa is my no1 female artist and very talented young lady. I have seen photos of her on the red carpet and she always looks good but this time at the FAB awards, she didn’t wow me at all. The dress isn’t a bad dress, but it just isn’t for Tiwa. She looked like a nun/nurse. Although her hair was well done and so was her make-up. Sorry Tiwa, I still love you and your music.

Karen Igho

Totally wrong! When I saw the dress from the front the first time, I though “oh, nice dress on Karen” but then I saw the back and I was completely baffled and embarrassed to say the least. The dress looked good from the front and Karen didn’t need the back exposed.

Karen Young

It is a beautiful colour of dress on Karen, but showing off her cleavage and back at the same time in one dress doesn’t look so good at all. The dress should have been a lot tighter around the cleavage and the back fully covered.

Eku Edewor

Eku Edewor FNO 12-1648

Beautiful young lady, it didn’t seem like she was dressed up to an event, but to a sleepover. No effort was put into the outfit at all apart from the shoes (which I loved).  I think she should have worn anything but that.

Eva Alordiah

Eva Alordiah

Eva is my favourite Nigerian female rap artist but I have to say that she wasn’t doing it for me at all this time. She looked too old with that dress on and I think that whoever is styling her needs to be replaced or if she styled herself, she needs to get a stylist a.s.a.p.

Kendra Etufunwa

Kendra was dressed for the wrong event. There was too much going on with the jewelery and the hair (less is more). The shoes didn’t sit quite right with the outfit. Maybe if she wore a red pair of heels, it might have worked better.

Bunmi Ademokoya

Bunmi Ademokoya FNO 12-0201


I am a big fan of leather and I have to say that Bunmi or her stylist didn’t do well with putting her outfit together. I see what she was trying to do with the outfit but she certainly didn’t need the necklace tucked into the dress, didn’t need the red clutch purse and didn’t need that hair do. The boots and the dress were just fine on their own and hair should have been pulled up or sleeked back.

Aisha Bello

Nothing wrong with the dress, I just don’t think it suited her well enough. Her shoes and hairstyle made the whole look even worse. I think that if the dress was shorter to show off her beautiful long legs, hair sleeked back or even in a ponytail, with a pair of black stilettos, she would have looked better.

Seyi Shay

Sheyi Shey FNO 12-0118

Another backless dress again… Woosh! Okay so, the backless dress teamed with those shoes looked totally wrong from any angle. A long dress would have looked better.

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